Accio Jacksons!

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by William on 2007-08-16

  1. This morning as I was walking from the bus stop to work with Luis, he saw something on the ground and said, “Is that a passport?” I picked it up, and yes it was. I took it to work and looked up the owner in the directory, then I called him. He happened to be in the same building I was in, and he came to pick it up. “That is nothing short of an act of God,” he said as he walked away.

  2. I ordered at Wendyʼs for lunch and paid and put my change in my pocket. Everything was normal. The girl that ordered after me got something that came to $2.05, so she pulled two dollar bills out of her little purse and started looking for coins in the bottom. It became apparent to me that she wasnʼt going to find any coins, so I pulled a handful out of my pocket, located a nickel, and slid it onto the counter. Smiles all around. Then I turned around and looked on the ground and saw a dime. So I picked it up and put it in my pocket.