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by William on 2007-08-18

This morning I got a piece of junk email from “macit Roan” ( with the subject: “It wasnʼt Dobby - it was, however, unmistakably a house-elf, as Harryʼs friend Dobby had been.” Needless to say I was really excited and opened the message immediately.

I was dismayed to find nothing more about this strange house-elf that wasnʼt Dobby, but just a friendly notice that “T,H_E MAR*KET IS ABOU*T TO P'O_P., A+N_D SO IS E,X-M,T'!” Also at the very end of the message, it got a bit classy with some French: “Rend'ez de ma p.a-r_t m'e_s p'l'u-s pro-fo'nds respec_ ts a M_- m,e votr+e m,e_r-e et M_-.r v otre pere'2.” which basically means, “Give my most profound regards to your mother and father.”

But whatʼs going to happen to Harry?!