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Feeling Scrabbly

by Rebecca on 2007-08-22

Those of you who know my history with William Jackson will know that heʼs introduced me to all kinds of interesting websites that I, safely tucked away in my very un-web-savvy world, would never have otherwise discovered. One of those websites is Facebook, and I owe everything I know about and do on Facebook to him, except maybe the way that all of my high school friends managed to find me on there. (I owe that to their surprising ingenuity and determination, not mine or Williamʼs.) Anyway, Facebook recently opened up to software developers who have developed all kinds of applications that will allow you to clutter up your Facebook page, a la My Space, and waste way more time, a la MSN Games. Last night, I decided to add my first application, a Facebook version of Scrabble, called “Scrabulous.” With a catchy name like that, this game was bound to catch on like wildfire, right? Well, I tentatively entered my first game with William, of all people, and was doing fairly well until I hit a rough spot and got several consecutive sets of nothing but vowels. So, I lost my first Scrabulous game because I speak English, not Hawaiian.

The beauty of this game is that you can take as long as you like to play it and check the status of the game or make a move every time you log into Facebook. This means that you can have a game with a friend or two that will last hours, even days or weeks, if your friends take their sweet time to make their next move. And thereʼs no limit to the number of games you can have open. So, now I have 6 games going on, which must mean that Iʼm addicted to the game.

Also, please note one other interesting website that William has introduced me to: this one. Yes, friends, this is my first ever blog post. And in the fine fashion of other blogs dedicated to all things mundane and boring, Iʼve posted an entry that only a handful of people will truly appreciate. Thanks for making this a memorable day.