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A List of Wedding Memories

by Rebecca on 2007-12-14

William and I set up this blog, or rather, staked out this domain name, months ago, but didnʼt want to activate it until we were married.

We have been married a respectable length of time, so I thought that Iʼd write a list of some of my favorite things about our wedding day. I really like lists, and in this PowerPoint era, Iʼm finding that my thoughts are becoming increasingly bulleted and much less narrative-based. Also, Iʼm hoping that weʼll be posting wedding pictures in a Picasa web album soon. Iʼll post the link here when weʼve got them ready. Hereʼs the list, in no particular order except for the entry at Number 20, which is clearly the best part of the day!

  1. Driving to the temple with William and Mom and thinking that my wedding day seemed like any other day spent with my family.

  2. Telling people that our food was catered by Kerbey Lane Cafe and having them say “I LOVE Kerbey Lane!”

  3. William got to wear a new suit for the first time since 2001. He looked sharp!

  4. The weather cooperated with us, and my feet didnʼt hurt once! (I thought the brideʼs feet were supposed to hurt after standing up all day.)

  5. Carrieʼs goody basket for the honeymoon suite.

  6. Being really surprised at people clapping at us when we walked into the church for the post-wedding lunch.

  7. Hearing the almost full vocal firepower of the Jackson family bursting into song. And following it with the Allen family rendition of “The Eyes of Texas,” which we all learned at Family Home Evening years and years ago.

  8. All of the people who came from New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Waco to be at our celebration. I was touched by their thoughtfulness, generosity, and support.

  9. The look on Momʼs face when she told us that Monica and Kristina had shoe-polished our car with “Just Married!”

  10. Brother White, the photographer, telling everyone (except me!) that they needed to get a better smile.

  11. Getting to wear a pretty dress with sparkles with fancy hair and makeup.

  12. Hearing Eva Shutt call me “princess” over and over again because of my pretty sparkly dress.

  13. All of the random people that we saw at the temple on our wedding day:

    • two women from the Mt. Bonnell Ward were in the temple with us before the wedding;
    • a contingent of other Mt. Bonnellians had come to the temple for a baptisms trip and joined in the photo shoot;
    • my friend Bryan Child was walking into the temple as we were walking in after the wedding to change;
    • the Kizerians (Mom and Dadʼs old friends from Corpus Christi) were leaving the temple as we were taking pictures;
    • Momʼs friend Irma that is always so happy to see me was working at the temple; and
    • Jack Starksʼ cousin took all those pictures of us so we thought that maybe he just was really into taking pictures of weddings. (But we didnʼt know who he was until like 2 weeks later!)
  14. Three of my favorite people from BYU were at the wedding: Liz, Kristin, and Kristina. 9 of the 11 Jackson kids, plus Grandma Pack and Aunt Jenny were able to be at the wedding. All 3 Allen kids, Monica, and Grandma Nelson were at the wedding. And it was so wonderful to walk into the sealing room and see our parents beaming at us.

  15. Receiving 3 cheetah blankets as gifts. Also gift-related: when we went back to the Allensʼ house to change after the reception, John ran out to meet us and said “Aunt Becca, I got you a present!” and he took us to the pile of presents that Monica and Carrie had left there for us. So cute, even though he tried to take credit for other peopleʼs good deeds!

  16. Having a moment of panic when I couldnʼt get my dressed zipped up before the reception and thinking that maybe I had eaten too many sandwiches at lunch.

  17. Eating breakfast tacos from Hannaʼs that morning. (That was my biggest meal of the day!)

  18. Knowing that our wedding cake had 4 layers, each one a different flavor, and having people ask me what kind of cake they had just eaten, as if I had any idea.

  19. Seeing how happy Brother Johnson was to do our sealing and the beautiful message that he shared before the ceremony. And then, when Brother Johnson told us later that he was so proud of us for not smashing cake into each otherʼs face and how we were destined for a lifetime of happiness.

  20. After all was said and done, I got to keep William, who is undoubtedly the best party favor that Iʼve ever gotten.

It was an amazing day.