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Choppers being chopped

by Rebecca on 2007-12-30

Hereʼs what I wanted to blog about the most. For Christmas, Mom gave remote control helicopters to Dad, Mark, and William. (This goes well with Williamʼs tenet of “I really just want a present that I can rip open and play with right there.”) William ripped it open and tried to play with it right there, but as luck would have it, the battery required 4 hours of initial charging. As soon as the batteries were fully charged, the boys were out in the front yard trying out their new toys. The problem with the front yard is that there are cedar trees that evidently like to eat remote control helicopters. Here are some pictures. I am quite proud of the ingenuity that William, Dad, and Mark displayed in trying to get their helicopters to work.

William with his helicopter

This is William getting ready to test out his new helicopter.

William with his helicopter

This is William holding up his helicopter after it flew into a tree and cracked its battery case.

Seeking advice

This is William seeking advice from my mom and John.


This is William about to fly his helicopter into the cedar tree.

Consulting instructions

This is William with the instruction manual.


This is William fixing his helicopter with electrical tape.

Boys will be boys!