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New Yearʼs Eve

by Rebecca on 2008-01-01

This was my first New Yearʼs Eve to have a significant other to celebrate with. Iʼve always thought that New Yearʼs Eve was kind of a lame holiday, but I would usually find something to do, in the hopes of redeeming it. And it would still usually be kind of lame. But this year was so much fun!


We started out with a steak dinner at Ruthʼs Chris steakhouse in downtown Austin. I knew the evening was destined to be a good one when we found a parking spot on Congress Avenue. That never happens! Dinner was so, so good, and itʼs the kind of splurge that we can enjoy once a year. (The couple next to us ordered the New Yearʼs Eve Dinner for Two, which was $150! Maybe the guy had something to prove to his girlfriend.)


We left the restaurant just before 7:00 and found ourselves in the middle of the First Night parade. We had seen some of the performers lining up as we walked to dinner (a woman dressed as a cavewoman in a cheetah pelt actually pointed her spear at us and growled!) The parade consisted of a lot of strangely dressed people juggling fire batons, destroying an old Honda Civic that looked like a dinosaur, riding unicycles, rapping, and dancing inside of a Capitol Metro bus. It was a pretty amazing parade, and we saw it up close.


Then we went to Target to get a card and gift, and this random guy came up to us and said, “You two are really cute together.” Who knows what prompted him to say that?


When we got home, we continued our celebration. We had a cribbage tournament, popped some party poppers, opened some crackers, finished off a bottle of Martinelliʼs and were asleep by 11:30. It was a really good New Yearʼs Eve!