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Another family wedding

by Rebecca on 2008-01-08

William and I went to Idaho on Friday to attend his brother Ericʼs wedding. We drove up from Salt Lake City in the morning and spent a collective 8 hours on I-15 that day. Idaho is a really odd place, Iʼve decided. Hereʼs one bit of evidence: there was an exit sign off of I-15 labeled “Exit 13” and underneath, it read “Exit 13” with an arrow. I guess they really want people to be able to find the town named Exit 13.

Wedding party

The wedding was in St. Anthony, Idaho, which is just north of Rexburg. The wedding itself was very simple. It was in the St. Anthony stake center, and their bishop performed the ceremony. He had some very kind words of encouragement and counsel for the couple, and then they were married. The ceremony was followed by family pictures and a wedding luncheon.

Eric and William

The Jacksons were well represented, but we still missed the Minnesota, Greenville, and Taiwan bunch. I got to meet several aunts and uncles and cousins, though if I were pressed to name them all, I wouldnʼt be able to do it. Next time, Iʼm packing nametags and a Sharpie to help me keep everyone straight. We were glad to be there to support Eric and Callie in their new adventure together, and it was a blast to hang out with the family.

Rexburg Temple

After the wedding celebration ended, we piled back into our car and headed back to Salt Lake. We stopped in Rexburg and Idaho Falls to check out their respective temples. I figured that it might be a little while before we ever made it back to Idaho, so I wanted to see the temples. It was definitely time well spent, even if it took us an extra hour to get back to Salt Lake City.

Idaho Falls Temple

The last bit of our adventure consisted of a snow storm arriving in Salt Lake at the same time that we did. We stopped at Grandma Jacksonʼs house in Holladay to say hello to her and goodbye to the Texas Jacksons who were driving home the next day. When we arrived at her house, we found that the storm had knocked out the power. Flashlights and candles were blazing inside, but it definitely made for a less than favorable scene for our first meeting. But we were glad that everyone arrived from Idaho safely and wished them well on their long drive back to Texas.

Iʼll post the rest of our trip in a separate entry.