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Utah, the greatest snow on earth

by Rebecca on 2008-01-10

Tasting snow

As I mentioned earlier, William and I went to Utah and Idaho last week, mostly for Ericʼs wedding, but also to visit family and friends. We stayed in Lehi with the Gales, my friends from graduate school. It was so much fun to be back in Utah and to experience an honest to goodness winter! This was Williamʼs first encounter with snow, and he really appeared to like it. He even managed to nail me at close range with a giant snowball! Here are some highlights of the trip.

William, Rebecca, and Annie

On Thursday night, William and I ate dinner with our friend Annie. She was in our ward in Austin and is going to BYU now. Sheʼs my old travel buddy from my trip to Europe in 2006, and she and William both served in the London South Mission. We ate at Bombay House, which is an amazing Indian restaurant in Provo.

Thanksgiving Point

On Saturday morning, we braved the snowstorm to visit the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. The Museum has fossils of all sorts of ancient life, but the most interesting part is their dinosaur exhibit. Itʼs a very family friendly place to visit, and William had a blast playing in the hands-on exhibits with the other kids.

Mt. Timpanogos Temple

Saturday afternoon, we ate lunch with Carrie at Burgers Supreme, one of my favorite burger joints in all the world. After we neatly polished off our burgers, fries, and Oreo milkshake, we headed off to Deseret Book, determined to use the $20 gift card that we got as a wedding present from a well-intentioned cousin. After 2 hours of fruitless searching, we left empty-handed, both fully aware of the irony that we had not been able to find at least one thing that we could use. But I did find a really cute dress at DownEast Outfitters for $19.99 so I was happy. On our way back to Lehi, we stopped at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to take some pictures. And that night, we ate dinner with the Gales and watched The Bourne Ultimatum.


Sunday, we went to church with Carrie in the morning. William was excited to go to Elderʼs Quorum, because they had the most amazing visual aid to kick off the Joseph Smith manual. After lunch at Carrieʼs house, we drove up to Salt Lake for another round of visits. Our first stop was Grandma Jacksonʼs house. We had a much pleasanter visit this time — the power was fully restored, and Grandma was feeling much better. I was glad to have had this time with her — she is a sweet lady! Our next stop was at Williamʼs mission presidentʼs house. We had a nice visit with the Preeces, and I can see why William liked his mission so much.

Temple Square

On our way home, William surprised me and suggested that we visit Temple Square. We visited the North Visitorʼs Center and got a free map of Jerusalem that the sister missionary said we could study at Family Home Evening. (Maybe…) We also went inside the Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall. The sister missionary in the Assembly Hall gave us the pitch that they give to non-members, but we listened politely anyway. And we walked around the temple. There werenʼt very many people out that night, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet for a few minutes.

And Monday morning, we flew home. It was a great trip.