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This week

by Rebecca on 2008-01-27

Here are a few things that you might be interested in knowing about our week.

Monday, we celebrated Martin Luther King Day by shopping. We found the best deals for William: a blue pullover sweater, some fancy black pants, and amazing new shoes. Youʼll have to ask him for details, but suffice it to say that he looks good! Monday night, we went to dinner with our good friends, Liz and Reed. They took us to Mandolaʼs Italian in downtown Austin, and it was so yummy!

Since William has class on Tuesday and Thursday night, Iʼm being supportive by also taking a class at night. I thought my days of Institute were done, but Brother Johnson, who married me and William, is teaching a class on the Doctrine and Covenants. I could hardly pass up an opportunity to take a class from him! So, thatʼs where Iʼll be on Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30.

Friday night, William and I, along with my parents and Grandma, went to the San Antonio Temple for an endowment session. As always, it was a wonderful experience. And we spent the night in New Braunfels, which meant we got to spend a nice morning with my parents and hear about all of the exciting things that they are doing right now.

Perhaps I was inspired by Sarahʼs blog entry about her hair cut (and I am still waiting to see a picture), but I decided that I wanted to try to cut Williamʼs hair. The original plan was that I would only cut around his ears where it was growing decidedly too long. I spent a couple of days discussing with William the merits of my cutting his hair versus the merits of his just getting a new haircut (my haircut: cheap but Iʼve never cut hair before; barbershop: $15 but the benefit of a proven professional.) Anyway, there are scissors and clippers at my parentsʼ house, so I could hardly pass up the opportunity. So, now not only is the hair around Williamʼs ears a respectable length, the back of his neck is all tidy and clean-shaven. Once I started, I just couldnʼt stop. And William was very encouraging — much braver than me! I was afraid that I had cut it too short in the back, but then I looked at some of the guys at church today and thought, “Williamʼs hair looks way better than theirs.” Whew.

Yesterday, we also went to Target and got more stuff for our apartment, like a rug, pillows, and picture frames. Their Global Bazaar is just too stylish to pass up! I think a future blog post will take you on a tour of our apartment. Stay tuned.