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Towed-ally Awful Day, Part 2

by Rebecca on 2008-02-03

Hereʼs the rest of my car story. Iʼd written my first blog post as soon as I got home from the dealership, and my carʼs fate was still unknown to me. William got home about 45 minutes after I did, and we decided that weʼd make dinner at home instead of going out. It wasnʼt a difficult decision, since we didnʼt really have a good way to get to a restaurant without the car. While we were making the quiche (which was amazingly good, by the way), the service representative called to let me know that my car had been repaired. This was around 6:45, which meant that they had gotten to work on my car much more quickly than they had anticipated. Anyway, the engine control unit (ECU) was faulty and needed to be replaced. As he explained, thatʼs the carʼs computer. I was glad that theyʼd had the parts and were able to replace it quickly. The best part: the repair was covered under warranty, so it was completely free!

In retrospect, it wasnʼt really that awful of a day. I mean, it was an inconvenience, to be sure, but it couldʼve been much worse. The weather was very pleasant, I discovered the problem early enough in the day to do something about it (as opposed to being broken down on I-35 in Friday evening rush hour traffic), everyone was able to help me quickly, I didnʼt have any hungry and tired kids in the back seat, and everything was free.

The other cool thing about that day was that we got a new washing machine. Our apartment came with a washing machine and dryer, and our washing machine was ancient. We noticed last week that it was taking a long, long time to fill up. So, I put a work order in, expecting to come home and find that theyʼd replaced a leaky valve. But instead, they just installed a new washing machine, and life is good again.