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by Rebecca on 2008-02-06

We are going on a cruise in November. For those of you who know me only slightly well, I sometimes get these brilliant ideas and then canʼt let them go. I donʼt know if itʼs an endearing or exasperating quality, but thatʼs just how I am.

A few weeks ago, I got an email about some amazing cruise deal, and that got me thinking that I would really like to go on a cruise with William. Iʼve been on a cruise before and really liked the convenience of cruising, which allows you to see a bunch of different places without ever having to worry about where you are going to eat or sleep. That email planted the seed in my mind, and I suggested it to William. He seemed mildly interested in the idea of going on a cruise in Europe, so I took that interest for instructions to investigate further. After about a week of online searching, discussion with William and others, and budget analysis, I found a reasonably-priced Celebrity Cruise that will tour the eastern Mediterranean. The cruise leaves from Rome, and has stops in Sicily, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Ephesus, and Naples.

I think we got a really good deal on the cruise. Weʼll be able to celebrate our anniversary on a Greek island, and the timing of the return to Rome is such that weʼll be able to spend part of the Thanksgiving holidays exploring Rome. Weʼre really, really looking forward to it! Only 9 more months to go.