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Married Conversation

by Rebecca on 2008-02-10

On Friday night, William and I were in Borders trying to use our $50 worth of gift cards. (Thatʼs not really the point of this story, but we did come home with Fellowship of the Ring on DVD.) William was showing me this particular line of computer books that he likes. Theyʼre published by OʼReilly, and itʼs a series of guidebooks to various programming languages and operating systems. Each book has a pen and ink sketch of an animal on the cover.

My office is finally upgrading to Windows Vista sometime in the next month, and I know very, very little about what weʼre getting into. So, I picked up the OʼReilly guide to Vista and started flipping through it. I figured out quickly that I wouldnʼt find it very helpful because it had too much text and not enough illustrations. I commented to William, “This book wouldnʼt help me at all. I need more pictures.” My sweet husband responded, “Hmmm. You need … Windows Vista for Dummies.”

And that, my friends, is the stuff of which happy marriages are made.