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Up to the sort of highest height

by Rebecca on 2008-02-24

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day — warm, breezy, and sunny. William was testing out his new dragonfly robot. We had gotten it for Valentineʼs Day from my mom.

Dragonfly robot

Itʼs supposed to be flown indoors, but our apartment is so tiny that when William tried it out, it flew straight into the turtle tank. Anyway, it was a perfect day to take it for a spin outside. You can see for yourself how it went. I like how fast William is running. He was also yelling, “Come back! Come back!”

I then made the off-hand comment that it would be a perfect day to fly a kite. And the look on Williamʼs face told me that Iʼd just come up with the best idea heʼd heard in weeks. We changed into appropriate kite-flying attire and headed off to Dollar Tree in search of cheap kites. Hereʼs what we found — I got the Superman kite, and William opted for the Captain Jack Sparrow kite. Dollar Tree is the best store ever!

Rebecca and William holding kites

We found a small park near our apartment, which incidentally, the City of Austin had purchased from the LDS Church in 1982. The wind was a decent kite-flying speed, but it kept changing directions, which made it tricky to keep a kite aloft. I finally resorted to just running around the park tugging on my kite string, and that worked pretty well. But hey, I had the Superman kite, so of course, he was going to fly!

Rebecca with her kite

Rebecca with her kite

William wasnʼt as keen on running everywhere, so his kite struggled a little.

William with his kite

William with his kite

Hereʼs a video. I felt like a little kid again with my kite, and Iʼm sure that weʼll be going out there again.