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by Rebecca on 2008-03-03

Saturday, March 1, was the CROP Walk. We had a great turnout from the ward, the weather was perfect, and the Shoal Creek Ward raised over $2400 for the cause. Our job for the walk was to count people who started the walk and finished the walk and to give them a pamphlet that pretty much said, “Yay, you finished the CROP Walk! Now go to our website and donate even more money.” I liked doing that because we got to see people walking. They had different activities for the kids, including some kind of scavenger hunt. One of the tasks was to find a man wearing a yellow shirt — consequently, William signed a lot of autographs that day for giggling girls. And after everyone else had walked, we walked the 1.25 mile trail ourselves. Iʼm glad we got to do it, but Iʼm also glad that itʼs over!

Here are some pictures from the day.

William at the CROP Walk
William was waiting for people to come by so he could count them.
Rebecca at the CROP Walk
I was counting people next to the clown. She had some serious attitude for a clown, too, because she kept telling me that I wasnʼt handing out pamphlets fast enough.
This is CROP Man. And yes, he is wearing a cape. I donʼt think he has any real super powers, though, at least, not like Captain Planet.