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Explore UT!

by Rebecca on 2008-03-03

William at Explore UT

Last year, William went to this giant open house at UT called Explore UT and came back with a glowing report of how much fun it had been. This year, William decided that I needed to see this amazing event for myself. After the CROP Walk, we headed over to UT for an afternoon of Exploring UT.

Rebecca at Explore UT

Our first stop was at the Passport Table, where we received booklets that were to be stamped at the different stations. The only place that we visited that couldʼve gotten stickers was from Williamʼs friend Aaron, but he wouldnʼt give us a sticker unless we got our pictures taken with the Longhorn cheerleaders. They werenʼt wearing enough clothes to convince me to get my picture taken with them, so our passports were still empty by the end of the day. But we still had a great time!

Our first stop was at the Texas Union, where we put our names on the list for a free game of glow bowling. There was an hour wait, so next we headed to the Harry Ransom Center. There we had caricatures drawn and watched some really disturbing old cartoons. One was a Betty Boop cartoon that involved this guy getting plastic surgery on his face and choosing his new face from a series of chanting faces hanging from the wall. Creepy.

Here are the caricatures. The danger in having your caricature drawn is that you find out which of your facial features are most prominent. But I think ours came out well!

Caricature of Rebecca

Caricature of William

Then we headed back to to the Union to claim our glow bowling game. I have a long-standing fascination with blacklights. I just think they are really, really cool. So, of course bowling under blacklights is also really, really cool. Here are some fun pictures. I left the flash off to capture the full effect of the blacklights. And someday, just maybe Iʼll break 100 on a bowling game.

William bowling

Rebecca bowling

Bowling final score

It was a good day!