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Markʼs Birthday!

by Rebecca on 2008-03-04

Today is my brother Markʼs 28th birthday. Having just completed Year 28 myself, I can tell him that 28 is a pretty exciting age.

These are some things that you may wish to know about Mark.

  1. He speaks Spanish really well because he served his mission in the Dominican Republic, majored in Latin American Studies at UT, and then worked for Dell Latin America for 2 years.
  2. He is really funny and has a contagious laugh, especially when watching a funny TV show like Most Extreme Sports Challenge.
  3. He can work wonders with a weed whacker.
  4. He can do a 360 dunk. Maybe.
  5. He is really tall. I like that all the men in my family are tall.
  6. He is a good daddy. His boys both adore him, and itʼs sweet to watch them all play together.
  7. I have his birthday present at my house, and itʼs a good one.

Anyway, hereʼs a birthday wish to him from us.