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by Rebecca on 2008-03-13

Last Saturday, William and I spent the afternoon in New Braunfels with my family. Our nephews John and Jacob also were there visiting Grandma and Pop. We took the boys for a walk in the neighborhood because it was such a nice afternoon. And we found a bulldozer!


Mom and I took turns pushing Jacob, but I think he would much rather have been walking. But heʼll learn someday that sometimes itʼs nice to have someone else push you up a big hill instead of walking it.

Rebecca and John in the bulldozer

John wouldnʼt go near the bulldozer until I sat down here.

John in the bulldozer

John had a big old time driving the bulldozer and honking its horn.


Jacob put this Frisbee over his head to block the sun. Such a smart kid!

William in the bulldozer

And of course, William didnʼt want to miss out on the fun, either.