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Weʼre a Pepper

by Rebecca on 2008-03-16

William and I spent this weekend in Waco with the Jacksons. The primary reason for the trip was to celebrate Williamʼs birthday with his family. But we were long overdue for a visit to Waco anyway, since our last trip fell completely through. And we had a great time! On Saturday, we made Williamʼs birthday dinner, pretended to be tourists, and played canasta with Ellen and Larry.

Saturday morning, Ellen and I made Williamʼs surprise meal, which was cheesy chicken Kiev (with this yummy Cheddar cheese from Wisconsin) and a chocolate almond brownie cake. Yum! Of course, it was a little intimidating being in the kitchen with Ellen, master cook extraordinaire, but we had a good time getting everything ready.

Then William and I set out to be tourists in Waco. Our first stop was the Dr Pepper Museum. I had no idea that there was so much to say about a soft drink, but thereʼs 3 floors worth. Who knew?? Probably, the most stunning thing that I learned about Dr Pepper is that 1 oz of syrup, 6 pounds of sugar, and 70 gallons of soda water will make 73 bottles of Dr Pepper. So, the lesson there is that if anyone offers you a taste of the pure syrup, DONʼT drink it. Next stop was the oldest suspension bridge in Texas. Last stop was the Central Texas Marketplace for a bit of shopping. William found some running shoes, and I found a sweet red dress at Ann Taylor Loft.

That night, we ate dinner (chicken Kiev, twice baked potatoes, salad, and the cake). Matthew disappeared to play video games. Ellen had taught me the basics of canasta earlier in the afternoon, while we were waiting for dinner to bake, so after dinner, we tried out my new-found canasta skills with Larry and Ellen. A good time was had by all, but Iʼll say that none of us has a very good poker face when it comes to card games.

William and his birthday cake

William at the Dr. Pepper museum

William and Rebecca at the Dr. Pepper museum

William and Rebecca at the Dr. Pepper museum