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In health at last

by Rebecca on 2008-04-08

We are getting better! Williamʼs medicine seems to have worked wonders, since his cough was mostly gone by Saturday afternoon. We were both well enough to take in General Conference on Sunday in New Braunfels. But I stayed home from work on Monday, since I still wasnʼt feeling my best. And I went back to work today, and all is well.

I missed two days of work, and William missed five. Only one of those days overlapped where we stayed home together. And that was a fun day! We went to Costco to pick up Williamʼs prescription, so we got to have hot dogs for lunch. And then we came home and played games all afternoon and ordered Chinese food from Super China for dinner.

But yesterday was pretty boring because I didnʼt have anyone to talk to (everyone else was being responsible and working hard or studying), all of my Scrabulous games were waiting for someone elseʼs turn, and Iʼd typed into OneNote all of the recipes that I cared to type for one day. Despite how boring it all was, I still couldnʼt help but think that I would rather be at home sick than at work. (That reminds me of that one Office episode where theyʼre talking to the ex-con, and heʼs telling them about prison life, and Kevin says that heʼd so rather be in prison than working for Dunder-Mifflin.)

Anyway, thanks to all for their concern and encouragement, and thanks to Natalie for the tip on OneNote!