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April Birthdays

by Rebecca on 2008-04-16

There are a few special people who have birthdays this month. First is my amazing grandma, Mary Nelson. This is a picture of us in Utah last summer. Isnʼt she a cutie? Weʼre so lucky that she lives close to us so that we could celebrate her birthday with her.

Rebecca and her grandma

Next up is my nephew Jacob who turned 1. Heʼs come a long way and doesnʼt seem to have been at all affected by being born on a Friday the 13th. We love being able to watch him turn into a clever little boy.


Last but not least, my sweet mother-in-law Ellen turns 29 this month. (Thatʼs my story, and Iʼm sticking to it!) Doesnʼt she look great?

Larry and Ellen

Happy birthday to all!