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Grocery Lists

by Rebecca on 2008-04-20

When I was in college, I learned quickly that it was dangerous to go grocery shopping without a list. This was especially true when I would shop at Food4Less in Provo. So, I like making grocery lists, and William and I usually spend a good 30 minutes during the week making up a grocery list for the next weekʼs meals.

Yesterday, William went to the grocery store with a list that I had made, and I realized that there were some ambiguities on the list. For example, I had written “jam,” meaning “raspberry jam for the scones Iʼm taking to Lizʼs baby shower.” But all William had to work with was “jam,” so he reverted to a conversation that weʼd had over breakfast where he very politely declined to put lingonberry jam on his toast, and I had said, “We should get you some jelly that you like.” And so he came home with grape jam. (But it worked out OK because the scones were tasty enough without jam.)

Then today, we stumbled upon this oddly addictive website that displays old grocery lists that, I can only assume, were retrieved from the trash or submitted by readers. Iʼd like to meet the person who made this list:

Grocery list

At least Iʼm not that obsessive about my lists. And this list looks like it was written by a wife who sent her husband to the store, against her better judgment:

Grocery list

Anyway, lists are fun.