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Shoes, glorious shoes!

by Rebecca on 2008-04-27

For those of you who are wondering how successful our stop at TJ Maxx was, I present the following photos.

These are my sensible “I need some comfy shoes that I can put on in a hurry without looking like I got dressed in a hurry” shoes. Very comfy!
These are where things started getting exciting. I donʼt know where Iʼm going to wear these shoes, but they were too cute to pass up. These are my “I need some comfy shoes that I can put on in a hurry that arenʼt brown sandals” shoes.
And finally, we have these incredible gold shoes. I donʼt know what to say about them, except that I fell in love with these shoes. Well, as much in love as one can fall with a pair of shoes. I cannot wait to wear these. These will be my “Yes, I really am wearing gold high heels in public just because I can” shoes.
And I found a swimsuit. It was $14, it doesnʼt plunge down to my belly button, and the little skirt on the bottom covers up just about everything around my waist and hips that I want to hide. Who wouldʼve guessed that such a gem could be found at TJ Maxx, of all places? Now, Iʼm actually excited to go swimming!

If only I could wear my new swimsuit and my gold shoes to the pool …