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by Rebecca on 2008-05-11

I did something new yesterday. For the first time in my life, I cut someone elseʼs hair. I mean, Iʼve helped out with the occasional “the stylist at the salon missed this bit in the back, so can you please even it out for me” cut for a roommate or friend, but never a full-on “youʼre going to look completely different when Iʼm done with you” cut.

But yesterday, William let me cut his hair. His last few haircuts have been from this slightly shady barbershop near UT campus, and they were $15 each. But after listening to William describe his haircuts (“Well, you take the number 4 attachment and mow my hair.”), I thought that maybe weʼd both be better off all around if I just cut Williamʼs hair. So, I bought a set of clippers last month, and this week, Williamʼs hair was finally shaggy enough for us to give it a go.

I was pretty nervous because a haircut gone badly just canʼt be disguised. But William was very patient and showed me how to maneuver the clippers without buzzing him. At the end of the cut, he said, “This is the shortest my hair has ever been,” and I said, “What do you mean?” and he said, “I left the number 3 attachment on the clippers.” And I screamed. Why didnʼt he tell me that I was cutting it so short? Oh, well. Iʼm just glad he doesnʼt have curly hair or some weird cowlick.

What do you think? Hereʼs what he looked like last week.


And hereʼs what he looks like now.


Well, I guess those pictures donʼt really look all that different. Hmm. But at least he looks happy about the haircut, right?