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My office

by Rebecca on 2008-05-15

I thought that in honor of my staying home sick from work today, Iʼd post some pictures of my office. (And truth be told, Iʼm not especially broken up about not going to work today.)

Here is my new office. We moved offices in March, and this one is much nicer. I have a door, which is the thing I like the most about it. My old office was just a cubicle with higher walls than everyone else had. But still, a cubicle. The walls are extremely thin since TWC is apparently too cheap to install insulation between walls. Most of the time itʼs not too big of a deal, except thereʼs a guy on my team who likes to go into the empty office next to mine and talk on his cell phone very loudly. I probably have a higher tolerance than most for people who talk loudly on their cell phones, but this guy is seriously so annoying. I think the next time he goes in there, Iʼm going to get out an air horn and start blasting it at him.


Right after we moved offices, my entire agency was upgraded to new computers with Windows Vista installed on them. It was quite the change — new offices and new computers. Now, this is what I spend most of my day looking at. Itʼs pretty boring. I like the nice big monitor that I have. It took some getting used to but itʼs much easier to have several windows open now.


And here is the other nice thing about my new office. It has a very nice view of Waterloo Park and the UT football stadium, which is much better than the view from my old office, the parking lot of the Texas Association of School Boards. There is a guy who works across the hall from me who is a rabid UT football fan, the kind of person who might call in sick on Monday if the Longhorns lose a game the previous weekend. Every so often, he stops by my office and just looks out my window longingly.

The view

And that is my office.