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Still sick

by Rebecca on 2008-05-16

Today is the second consecutive day that Iʼve stayed home sick, and itʼs starting to get pretty boring. This might be one of those times that I wish we had a TV. But itʼs really not worth the trouble, so Iʼll just muddle through. In case youʼre curious, here is a list of things that I have done to pass the time.


  • Ate a breakfast taco for breakfast
  • Read more of The Silver Chair (Book 6 of the Narnia series)
  • Showered and fixed my hair
  • Took a 3-hour nap, had very vivid dreams about Narnia, and totally smushed my hair
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Checked out Facebook (Sarah, itʼs your turn again on Scrabulous!)
  • Called my mom
  • Had a giant bowl of cookies and cream ice cream for lunch
  • Chatted with Carrie and William for a while
  • Watched Bride and Prejudice with William


  • Finished The Silver Chair
  • Showered (I believe that no matter how sick you are, if youʼre able to do so, you should take a shower because it just makes you feel a little bit better)
  • Chatted with William
  • Went to HEB to get buns for dinner
  • Picked up a Citrus Squeeze Jamba Juice (When Iʼm sick, I crave Jamba Juice. Good thing there are 2 locations down the road from us!)
  • Went to the library to pick up a book Iʼd ordered and came home with four books. Uh oh.

And itʼs not even 2:00 yet. No telling what kinds of mischief Iʼll get into by the time William gets home.

And for those of you who are worried about me — mostly my mom and dad — I do think Iʼm getting better. I sure hope that I am, because I want to see William graduate tomorrow!