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Once you go blackberry, you never go backberry

by William on 2008-05-24

It is no secret that Rebecca and I like picking berries together. In March of 2007, we went to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas (west of Austin) to pick strawberries. We had such a wonderful time (I did, at least) that I dubbed it “The Perfect Day”.

Then in May of 2007, we went back to the same farm to pick blackberries. That was the day I told Rebecca I intended to put a ring on her finger. Quite memorable.

Last March (2008) we returned to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls and picked strawberries once again. This time it had recently rained, it was much muddier, but the strawberries were just as delicious as we remembered.

Now we find ourselves in the month of May, and today is the day we chose to pick blackberries. Sweet Berry Farm operates another farm in Lexington, Texas (east of Austin), so we decided to branch out and see how the blackberries were at the Lexington farm. We were not disappointed!

The farm at Lexington is smaller than the one at Marble Falls, but that means less people. The blackberries were abundant and delicious. The drive was pleasant, but I will admit it was not as pretty as the drive to Marble Falls, in my opinion. But we got to stop in Elgin on the way back for “the best tasting sausage in the free world”.

Other things we did today:

  • We shopped at the Boy Scouts of America shop because I was recently called as an 11-year-old Scout Leader in my ward and I needed a new shirt and a new book.
  • I had an eye exam and we picked out new glasses for me because it has been five years since my last exam and I lost my glasses a week ago. Well, I know exactly where I put them: on the seat next to me on the bus. I just didnʼt pick them up again before I got off the bus.
  • We bought beach towels because we plan to do some serious swimming (read lounging) in our apartment complex pool this summer.
  • We lounged in our apartment complex pool for a while.

Today was a good day.