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Viva San Antonio, Part 2

by William on 2008-06-17

The task falls upon me to describe our happy Saturday morning in San Antonio.

The first thing we did was eat breakfast. Our small hotel offered a complimentary continental breakfast in the lobby, which we were all over in a heartbeat. Rebecca was most excited for the waffle iron, and even more excited when she discovered that it made Texas-shaped waffles. We each ate one.

Texas-shaped waffle

Thoroughly fed, we started for the River Walk and the Alamo. I had never been to the Alamo before. For some reason, I had this idea about the Alamo. I thought that wall you see whenever you see pictures of “The Alamo” was all there was. I thought I remembered one of my Texas State History teachers tell me that the building was destroyed at some point in history. It sounded plausible to me, young as I was and unacquainted with men and things.

Rebecca and William at the Alamo

You can imagine my surprise when I walked through the door in the middle of what I thought was just a wall, only to find I wasnʼt on the other side of a wall at all, but inside an actual building! Already the Alamo was exceeding my expectations.

Besides the fact that the Alamo was more than just a wall, one of my favorite parts was the models. When we Texans remember things like Alamos, we like to make little models. They help us to remember the Alamos in our lives. So we have tiny replicas of the Alamo defended by tiny replicas of Texans and Tejanos (led by tiny replicas of Davie Crockett, complete with tiny coon-skin cap) with tiny replicas of captured Mexican cannons with puffs of smoke (cotton balls!) coming out of the barrels to illustrate blowing up tiny replicas of Mexican soldiers. There were at least five of such models.

So take a moment to remember the Alamos in your life, and make a model.