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Why I like red shoes

by Rebecca on 2008-06-25

I came across this passage in a book I just finished, In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith. It describes a woman debating whether to spend her hard-earned bonus on a new pair of red shoes.

What she needed now was to buy a smarter pair of shoes for use in the office, and she had in fact identified just such a pair in one of the stores. The shoes were red, and although they had no special coloured lining, they had two large gold ornamental buckles which gave them an air of authority that her other shoes did not have. These were bold shoes, and she would wear them when confronting difficult men, as she occasionally had to do. Men would be mesmerised by the buckles, and this would give her just the advantage that one needed when dealing with men like that.

I love red shoes!