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Elder Bednar

by Rebecca on 2008-07-01

William and I happen to be in the same ward as Elder David A. Bednarʼs oldest son Michael and his family. The younger Bednars have lived in Austin for the last four years while Michael has worked on his graduate degree. Since theyʼve had three children in the time that theyʼve been here, Elder Bednar and his wife have come to Austin three times for baby blessings. And the fourth time, he was assigned to preside at our stake conference. This weekend, their new granddaughter was blessed, so Elder and Sister Bednar came to Austin for another visit.

Every time that theyʼve come here for a family visit, Elder Bednar has been kind enough to speak at a stake fireside or similar gathering, and this weekend he did the same. But first, they attended our ward in the morning. He and his wife gave talks in our sacrament meeting, and conveniently, our third-hour Priesthood and Relief Society meeting was combined for the fifth Sunday, and Elder Bednar spoke during that meeting. (Iʼm pretty sure that our bishop was glad that he didnʼt have to plan a lesson for that fifth Sunday meeting.) And then the Bednars spoke at a stake fireside in the evening.

All of the meetings were wonderful. He conducted two of the meetings as question and answer sessions, rightly pointing out that most of us would never again have an opportunity to ask questions of an apostle in such a small setting. Nearly all of the questions sparked further instruction from him, and I felt like I learned so much, even though the doctrines he taught were simple and familiar. I even got to ask him a question, which he and Sister Bednar both answered. It was a great day, and the things that I heard and felt have lingered with me this week.