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2007 vs 2008

by Rebecca on 2008-07-06

The 4th of July has been an important day in our relationship, since William and I got engaged on July 4, 2007. I thought it might be appropriate a year later to point out similarities and differences.


  1. We ate lunch with my family at the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas.
  2. We hung out at Mark and Monicaʼs house.
  3. We ate dinner at Chiliʼs.
  4. I started feeling really sick, so we stayed home and watched Galaxy Quest. (For those of you who werenʼt around during this most unpleasant episode in my life, I had come down with a particularly nasty case of mono, and this was the first day that I felt truly and absolutely awful.)
  5. William dragged me to watch fireworks from a nearby parking garage and proposed to me. By then, my fever had reached probably 102 or 103.


  1. We ate lunch with my family at the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. (I very much support the idea of this becoming an annual Allen family get-together!)
  2. We drove to Waco and hung out at the Jacksonsʼ empty house, while they all went to see Wall-E.
  3. We ate dinner at the Jacksons.
  4. We watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with the Jacksons. I felt absolutely fine.
  5. Larry took us to the parking lot of a hotel in downtown Waco to watch the fireworks with hundreds of other people. And as we watched the fireworks, I looked at William and once again thought, “What a difference a year makes” and was thankful.