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In which we spend Independence Day Weekend with our family

by William on 2008-07-06

Friday morning Rebecca and I ate pancakes and bacon and applesauce at the church with the rest of our ward. We sang patriotic songs together, including Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean. While I do not recall hearing these lyrics before, I knew I recognized the tune. I found it in the hymnal, as Up, Awake, Ye Defenders of Zion (248).

For lunch we met with all the local Allens at The Salt Lick: Rebeccaʼs parents, Grandma, Grandmother (and believe me, there is a difference), and brother Mark and his family. The Salt Lick makes delicious barbecue; I especially like the sausage.

Salt Lick

Next Rebecca and I drove to Waco to spend the balance of the weekend with my family. We had some delicious barbecue chicken for dinner, played dominoes and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. On Saturday, we took my brother Mark shopping and picked up new shoes for me, Rebecca and Mark, as well as a new hard disk drive for my dad. We lounged about in the afternoon, watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and had dinner with my parentsʼ ward at the Waco chapel: hamburgers and hot dogs. Very good.