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Look who came to dinner!

by Rebecca on 2008-07-06

We like it when folks come to dinner at our house, and thereʼs a standing invitation for anyone whoʼs coming to Austin for any period of time. On Monday, Dave and Chelsea (Williamʼs brother and sister-in-law) and Bentley, their toddler with the English rock star name, had dinner with us. And it was so fun to hang out with them because all the other times that weʼve been with them (well, me, at least) weʼve been at a wedding and itʼs not really easy to talk at those, especially when itʼs yours. Anyway, we loved having them and wish that they lived closer so we could see them more often. (Hey, Chelsea — Costco is just down the street! Hint hint.) And hereʼs the standard couch picture that we take with our guests.

David and Chelsea visit