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33 years and counting!

by Rebecca on 2008-07-16

Today is Mom and Dadʼs 33rd wedding anniversary. They are my favorite couple, and here are some reasons why.

  1. Mom met Dad when she got lost and picked him up off the street so that he could help her find her destination. (My aunt was trying to set them up because they were both tall and had invited them over to her house for dinner.) This is the kind of thing that she always advised my sister and me never to do. Go, Mom!
  2. Unknown to either of them, Dadʼs grandparents bought the house that Mom grew up in in Louisiana.
  3. They hold hands in public. And when we tease them about it, they just smile.
  4. In his last stake conference talk, Dad called Mom “the love of my life.” He actually said that to an arena full of people! Go, Dad!
  5. They take good care of each other. Mom irons Dadʼs shirts and rubs his head when he has a headache. Dad makes Mom laugh.
  6. Their trip to the Washington, D.C. temple for their sealing is a thrilling tale, with twists and turns and nail-biting moments, and itʼs all the sweeter because in the end, they made it.
  7. Theyʼve been married for 33 years, and they have quite a lot of happiness to show for those years.

And hereʼs a totally sweet picture of them. (I dig Momʼs polka dot dress and Dadʼs extra wide tie.)

Charles and Ann Allen

Happy Anniversary, kiddos!