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New Job for Rebecca

by Rebecca on 2008-07-18

Yesterday, I accepted a new position with the Texas Workforce Commissionʼs Business Services Department. I donʼt know much about exactly what Iʼll be doing, except that it will involve reviewing grant proposals, and I will no longer be a supervisor. I applied for this job months ago, and interviewed two weeks ago. I felt like the interview went well enough, but my heart wasnʼt really in it. I didnʼt think that they would make me an offer, and I was prepared to turn it down if they did. But on Tuesday, the manager who interviewed me called me into her office and extended the offer, with quite a nice raise from what I am currently making. After William and I talked and prayed about it, it appeared that accepting the job was a good idea.

On paper, this is a smart decision. Iʼm getting paid more to do less, and I wonʼt have to deal with the frustrations of supervising and managing other people and dealing with my supervisors. Iʼm hoping that I wonʼt come home mad from work each day and have at least one meltdown a month where I cry about my job because Iʼm so bored/frustrated/angry. I wonʼt get an email that tasks me with doing something that I have no idea how to do because itʼs not my job but someone sent it to me because they thought I was a helpful person.

But then I start thinking about the people who work for me, and how much I enjoy working with them. We just hired two new guys, and theyʼve been working for me for about 6 weeks, and they are the best. If I couldʼve hired them sooner, I would have. My longtime co-worker Carolyn reports to me, and she and I have the best visits. Our admin Jill is a great person to vent to, and she always orders my favorite kinds of pens and Post-it notes for me. And my boss Debbie has been a great mentor. So, this is a good decision, but Iʼm still a little sad when I think about the people that Iʼm leaving.

Change is a scary thing.