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Baby Shower

by Rebecca on 2008-07-27

Last weekend, I volunteered to do the food for my visiting teacherʼs baby shower. I figured that would be much safer than doing the games, which are usually completely ridiculous at baby showers. (Iʼve never understood why a bride- or mother-to-be would willingly subject herself to public humiliation from her friends, just to get a few presents! Not worth it!) But I knew this shower was coming, so I had time to plan out a decent menu and figure out how to prep the food so that I wouldnʼt be up to 3 a.m. the day before baking.

Hereʼs what we decided to make:

  • crepes with chocolate mousse, powdered sugar, Nutella, caramel, and strawberries
  • quiche Lorraine (but I made my own crusts — Mmm!)
  • chicken salad croissant sandwiches
  • lemon almond bread
  • mixed fruit
  • Brie cheese baked with a nutty sweet sauce on top, with sourdough bread
  • chocolate cake
  • lemonade

So, I didnʼt actually make all of that. Katie, the woman who hosted the shower at her house, made the crepes ahead of time, another sister in our ward made this amazing chocolate cake that was decorated all cute, and my visiting teaching companion bought the lemonade.

But then I made everything else. On Thursday night I made the quiche crust, and William cooked the bacon. And he went to the grocery store with me during all of those trips for the lemon and the cream cheese that I forgot. And then on Friday night before, I baked the lemon bread, assembled the quiche and baked that, and then made the chicken salad. Saturday morning, I assembled the sandwiches, sliced up the baguettes, and made the topping for the cheese. Given that we made food for 20 in my little apartment kitchen, everything went surprisingly well, and I even got a good nightʼs sleep Friday night.

Hereʼs a picture of the food after we got it all set out!

Baby shower food

And the shower was fun. Lots of sisters from our ward came, and Katie did a great job with the games and keeping everything moving at a good pace. And I had a blast making all of that food. So much fun!