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Dadʼs Birthday (or my goofy, lovable family)

by Rebecca on 2008-08-03

I was just looking at the pictures from Dadʼs birthday party a few weekends ago and thought that I should post these pictures because they are just classic pictures of my family.

First, does anyone else fear for Johnʼs next sibling, based on this picture? We might need to review “baby holding” skills soon …


Carrie and Mom made these cupcakes for John. They made them, using muffins, Twinkies, and frosting! I like them because they look like the nicest, politest sharks in the world, kind of like something youʼd see in a Far Side cartoon.


And it looks like John really enjoyed his cupcake. Sometimes, I miss being a kid.


Hereʼs the banana nut cake that I made for Dad. The frosting was a little runny, so I drizzled it artfully instead of actually frosting the cake. Mmm.


Hereʼs Dad on what appears to be his third birthday, if the candles are any indication of his true age.


Jacob was pretty excited about the presents and started opening them before Dad could get to them.


Gotta love those family get-togethers!