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My new job

by Rebecca on 2008-08-07

Iʼm four days into my new job, so I thought Iʼd write a bit to satisfy those of you who are curious about how things are going.

The good things: the ladies on my team are really nice and have tried hard to welcome me. This department likes to party, too. They had a birthday bowl of fruit for my vegetarian boss on Monday, and today we went to lunch at a Thai restaurant to celebrate the vegetarian bossʼ birthday again. And theyʼve already figured out that my next birthday will be the big 3-0 and how to celebrate it, even though itʼs not until January.

The bad thing: itʼs pretty darn boring. Right now, they have me reading old grant proposals to learn about their process for reviewing proposals and the evaluation criteria that they use. So, Iʼve spent the last four days sitting in my cube, reading and reading and reading. No meetings, no email(!!!), no noisy co-workers, no juggling 15 projects at once. So, weʼll see how it shakes out once they actually trust me enough to give me some real work to do.

But at least Iʼm getting paid more, right?