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Things That Are French

by William on 2008-08-10

Saturday night Rebecca and I and another couple from our ward went to Zilker Park in downtown Austin to see an outdoor production of Beauty and the Beast. We went to the last show of the season, so the directors and producers and all the important people wanted to recognize everyone involved and give them flowers. I have nothing against this.

However, they (the directors) spent twenty minutes talking about how wonderful this one particular woman was and recognizing her for choreographing twenty summer musicals for the Zilker Theatre. They listed the musicals and the years they were performed, and gave her a yellow rose for each one. Thatʼs great for her, but Iʼm impatient and Iʼm sitting on fire ants and I want to see the show.

Also, they (other important persons) were unveiling a plaque that night to make the Zilker outdoor theatre an official historical place. While someone was reading some historical facts from a sheet of paper, a great crashing sound came from behind and to the side of the stage. It was the kind of sound that would be made by a large tree limb falling out of a tree onto several parked cars.

Turns out, a large tree limb had fallen out of a tree onto several parked cars. No one was hurt, but for the time that we didnʼt know what was going on, we (the crowd of hundreds of people) were much more interested in what just made that crunching sound. Whoop-dee-doo for historical facts about the Zilker outdoor theatre.

Then the show finally started, and it was very good. Beauty and the Beast takes place in France, which makes it the first Thing That Is French to which my title refers.

The second Thing That Is French — for there are at least two, lest the plurality of my title be grossly misleading — is Bread. Rebecca and I made some this (Sunday) afternoon. We used a recipe from The Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook. We have never cooked something from that cookbook that was not delicious.

The recipe called for all-purpose flour, but we snuck in some whole wheat flour, too. We replaced two cups of white flour with whole wheat.

I donʼt have a photograph of the bread because all three loaves were given away or eaten before I had a chance to take a photo.