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Labor Day in Lubbock

by Rebecca on 2008-09-07

At last, Iʼm sitting down to post my account of our trip to Lubbock for Labor Day. We got to see Lorraine and Jack, David and Chelsea, Ben and Kaylyn, and Jared and Meredith. Clearly we got our moneyʼs worth out of the trip!

We didnʼt really do much, but I still have pictures. Maybe Iʼll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

About a month ago, I took a business trip through west Texas, and one of the groups that we met with told us to look out for the turbans along the road. And I thought that was a rather strange thing to look for, as if there were small clans of North Africans huddled along the state highways of west Texas clad in turbans. So, we were driving and I thought to ask my co-workers, “What did they mean by ‘turbans’?” and they pointed out the window and I saw turbines similar to these. I felt pretty dumb, but honestly, who says “turban” when they mean “turbine”? Sheesh. But then on the way to Lubbock we saw more of them.


Here are Ellen and Jack with Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Ellen wanted me to take her picture a whole lot, so I told her to go get ready. And she pulled out the stuffed animals and carefully set them up. And then she positioned Jack and herself in between them for the picture. I guess in her 3-year old mind, no picture is complete without her favorite stuffed animals. (See below — this was taken the next day.)

Ellen, Jack, and friends

Ellen and friends

We went to see the Lubbock Temple on Sunday afternoon. I was pleased to see that the spire had the Lone Star well represented.

William and Rebecca

Lorraine set out a 1000-piece puzzle that Jackʼs mom had given Ellen (who gives a puzzle like that to a 3-year old??) and everyone worked on it Sunday night. And by Monday morning, it was finished.



On Monday, the kids were getting antsy so they brought out their Legos to play with. But they werenʼt nearly as interested in the Legos as Dave and Chelsea were.


I think this picture is funny mostly because Bentley is showing off all of his teeth, like a lion.


Here we are with Ben (Williamʼs cousin) and Kaylyn, holding kids that donʼt actually belong to any of us in the picture. Like I said, Ellen really liked having her picture taken.


And hereʼs one with almost everyone, except Lorraine (who was taking pictures) and Jack (who was taking a nap).


And this is my new favorite picture of us. We saw this sign somewhere between Lubbock and Austin. Sweet, huh?

William and Rebecca