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by Rebecca on 2008-10-31

This is not a “Look how cute my kidʼs costume is at the Ward Trunk or Treat” post. No kids, so no cute costumes. Maybe someday … Youʼll have to settle for a scary picture of me. Iʼm not a big Halloween person. I was the Bride of Frankenstein in the fifth grade, but I think that was my Halloween high point (and what a high point it was. Maybe thatʼs why I havenʼt tried an awesome costume since.) But I can respect the day all the same.

So, this year, I wore black to work, with my awesome red lipstick and daring black eyeliner. William wore an orange (albeit burnt orange with a longhorn) tie. And we had a sort of Halloween-y dinner with friends: mummy dogs, cobweb fries (really waffle fries), salad, Magic in the Middle cookies, and pumpkin seeds. (By the way, those Magic in the Middle cookies are really something amazing.) I even went out and bought four bags of candy, but no kids came by. So, now weʼre kind of in the same situation as many of you: too much candy in the house, and not enough people to eat it. Happy Halloween!