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High School Musical 3

by Rebecca on 2008-11-10

I have 15 minutes left of work before my vacation officially begins. So, Iʼll fill the time up with a blog post about my latest obsession, the High School Musical series. You say, “But Rebecca, arenʼt you turning 30 in a few months? Arenʼt those the movies that 10-year old girls giggle about?“ And to those questions, I answer, “Yes to both.”

For some reason, I got it lodged into my little brain that I wanted to see High School Musical. Maybe itʼs when I read that the third one had been released in theaters. Maybe it was all the magazine covers with Zac Efron. Maybe I just wanted to see a new movie. So, I donʼt know how my obsession started, but itʼs been there for a while.

William was a good sport and trekked with me twice to Blockbuster to find it on DVD. And we paid $5.40 to rent it. Worth every cent. Then we checked out the second one from the library. Again, it was amazing. And on Friday night, we splurged and saw the third one in the theater. Best one yet!

Seeing the third one was especially interesting. I had expected our fellow movie-goers to be largely underage, with the occasional reluctant parent. What I hadnʼt expected was just how giggly underage girls could be. Thereʼs one scene where Zac Efron (sometimes known as Troy Bolton) takes his shirt off in the locker room and puts on his basketball jersey. The tittering was unbearable. The catcalling was just as bad. (Where do girls learn to scream at men?) So funny! Hereʼs the other awesome thing: William was one of two men there. The other man was some grandfatherly type there with his equally grandmotherly wife.

But the movies are so much fun: singing and dancing a-plenty, lots of soulful looks from cutie Zac Efron, and a plot line that a 5-year old could follow. (You know, sometimes itʼs nice not to have to think terribly hard about a movie.) Weʼve been singing snippets of the songs all weekend. See this movie soon. Or just wait until itʼs at the library and check it out. But itʼs a good one, for sure.