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It's our vacation!

by Rebecca on 2008-11-23

Internet is ridiculously expensive on this ship, so this will be a short blog post to let all of our faithful and curious readers know that weʼre doing well and enjoying almost every minute of our trip. Weʼve met so many interesting people, have eaten more than we should, and have seen so many beautiful places. The people-watching on our ship is amazing, since there are plenty of Germans and other Europeans for entertainment. I hope they find us quite as interesting as we do them.

The weather has largely cooperated, except in Italy. We hit a really bad storm on Friday night and spent all of yesterday being tossed about, pitched around, and rolled across the room. It was bad. There was one moment when the ship rolled so far to the right that I was looking down on the water. William parked himself on a couch for most of the day and wouldnʼt move. The water is a little calmer today, so weʼre much more mobile today. But the worst part about the storm is that we lost so much time in it that the captain decided to cancel our stop in Naples altogether. So, no Pompeii or Capri for us this trip. Weʼll just have to come back again.

Weʼve been taking lots of pictures and have some blogs to post when we get home. Stay tuned!