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Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

by Rebecca on 2009-01-12

So, I was called three weeks ago to be a Sunbeam/CTRB teacher in my ward. Yay! Goodbye, library. No more working with the mean ward librarian or making copies for people who donʼt speak English well enough to tell me that they want front and back copied on one page. No more mass distribution of chalk stubs and erasers (poor teachers, such is the controlling and frugal nature of our ward librarian …) No more sets of scriptures for little kids. No more “Thereʼs some picture of Jesus doing X. Can you find it in your collection of thousands of pictures? And no, I donʼt have a picture number. Sorry.”

This will be my first real teaching calling in the church (my stint in England notwithstanding). Weʼve had two weeks of Primary now, and already, Iʼm pretty sure that I would be fine never to go back to Relief Society again. Primary is so much fun!

I taught my first lesson last week. I considered it a raging success since the kids all learned what “CTR” means. Choose the Right! Although, when I held up the picture of the CTR logo at the beginning of class and asked if anyone knew what it was, one little boy shouted “Superman!” But when he said the closing prayer, he said, “Please help us to remember to choose the right.” So, lesson learned.

Itʼs going to be a good year.