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I got tagged again, and I shouldʼve called times

by Rebecca on 2009-01-14

Thanks a lot, Kimberley! I think the idea here is to fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to mind. Itʼd probably be more enlightening to have someone else fill this out about me but William is at Scouts, so itʼs all me this time.

I am not yet 30. Give me a few more days.

I know the names of the Roman emperors from Augustus down to Marcus Aurelius.

I want a foot rub. William gives good ones.

I have a cough that wonʼt go away.

I miss Burgers Supreme. (And so would you, if youʼve ever had one of their burgers. Or their fry sauce. Oh, man.)

I hear not very well. But I can read lips like nobodyʼs business. And sometimes I find out things that are nobodyʼs business by lipreading. Itʼs a fun party trick.

I smell everything. (OK, not like a dog that sniffs everything. Sheesh. I just have an annoyingly keen sense of smell.)

I crave Churchʼs fried chicken.

I search on Google for people I knew a long time ago. But not in a stalker-y way. I think.

I care ??? What does this mean? I care about a lot of things, but most people do.

I always wash and moisturize my face before bed.

I believe in Christ. (This is what Kimberley/Breck put, and it works for me, too.)

I sing pretty awfully. But not as badly as some of those people on American Idol last night. Wow.

I lose at Canasta, and we donʼt play that game any more because it almost ended our marriage. Iʼll take the blame for that; William is a much more gracious gamer than I am.

I win at Scattergories and Trivial Pursuit.

I never learned to roller skate, ice skate, or ride a bike. Iʼm pretty much useless if Iʼm not on my own two feet.

I listen sometimes.

I am scared of the dark and heights.

I need a new job. My job is making me crazy.

I am happy about taking this Friday off of work. Yay, long weekend!

I tag no one. This was hard. Oh, wait. I tag Kristin, because I donʼt think she ever reads my blog, even though she says she does. Weʼll see …