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Happy 30th!

by Rebecca on 2009-01-26

Guys, I turned 30 on Monday. Thatʼs huge, right? But honestly, what a relief. No more dreading it or worrying about how old I suddenly had become, even though a mere 24 hours was the distinction between 29 and 30. And now that Iʼve been 30 for a week, itʼs kind of nice.

I managed to spread out the birthday celebration over the entire weekend: dinner with my family at Buca di Beppo (Yum!), birthday cake and games with friends, a date with my dentist, and more cake with William and the Waco Jacksons whose names start with M. He made me a Texas sheet cake. From scratch. With real butter. Are you impressed?

And my gifts were nice, too. I got a CHI iron from my family, so now I can have perfectly straight, shiny, blonde (wait, what?) hair just like a movie star. But it does take a long time to straighten out all this hair, so you may still see me with my curly mop fairly often. And William got me the best game ever: Barbie, Queen of the Prom. (My sister did a great job of explaining the importance of this game in our family here in her blog.) Thanks to all who helped make my birthday a happy one!

Bonus Post for those of you who are still reading: We finally cracked the game open for Family Home Evening tonight and played three rounds. If you didnʼt read Carrieʼs blog post, youʼll need to know that the object of the game is to earn enough money to buy a prom dress, be voted the president of a club, and find a steady boyfriend before going to the prom. The path to Prom Queen is fraught with such perils as school, a bad hairdo, and not being ready when your date picks you up. I won all three rounds, so William never got to be Queen of the Prom tonight. Lest you feel too sorry for him, heʼs won the game twice when weʼve played with Carrie, so he, too, knows the satisfaction of being Queen of the Prom.