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25 things about me

by Rebecca on 2009-01-28

I got tagged on Facebook by my friend Melissa. I didnʼt know you could do that. But hello, just because I am your Facebook friend does not mean that I want you to know 25 things about me. So, Iʼll respond to the tag here where I have some degree of control over who reads this, instead of in Facebook where things have a way of turning up months later.

So, 25 things about me, huh? Thatʼs better than Chelseaʼs tag where she had to come up with like 100 things.

  1. My grandfather bred tall bearded irises, and he named one of the breeds after me, Rebecca Anne.
  2. I realized that I was falling for William at a dance of all places, which is so ironic because I used to roll my eyes when my youth leaders would tell us that we had a good chance of meeting our future spouse at a dance. And we werenʼt even each otherʼs date. Whoops.
  3. It really bothers me when people give their kids names that are deliberately misspelled for the sake of cuteness, individuality, whatever. Not that I can do anything about it, but I just think, “Poor kid. Isnʼt life hard enough without having to spell your name to everyone you meet?”
  4. I think itʼs amazingly funny when William clucks like a chicken. He had to do it one time when we played Curses with friends, and I still crack up thinking about it.
  5. I was the valedictorian of my high school class and spoke at my graduation. One of the things that I said was a key to success in life was to eat your vegetables. I havenʼt been proven wrong yet.
  6. My favorite boyʼs name is Michael, but no way am I naming my kid Michael Jackson. Too creepy.
  7. I was an intern in Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. My friend Janae worked with me, and we never had anything to do, so weʼd spend all day emailing each other, even though our cubes were like 10 feet apart. And we still email all the time, even though we havenʼt seen each other in 5 years.
  8. I really like being a Texan.
  9. I miss the seasons in Utah, even the snow at times. Iʼd love to be able to go snowshoeing again.
  10. I donʼt think that my job challenges me very much.
  11. I like it when people comment on my blog.
  12. If I had a million dollars, I would probably (a) buy William a shiny black fast European car; (b) buy a house and pay cash for it; and (c) put a pool in the house. Maybe itʼs a good thing I donʼt have a million dollars. Clearly I wouldnʼt be very responsible with it. What I shouldʼve said: I would (a) buy William a used Toyota Camry; (b) put a 20% down payment on a house; and (c) save the rest for my retirement and kidsʼ college.
  13. I like finding old friends on Facebook. Iʼve located most of my old BYU roommates, except for the crazy ones that I never want to talk to again and Sue Pickens. Does anyone know where she is these days?
  14. I can find a Simpsons episode that relates to almost any situation that I find myself in. Hereʼs an example: in my previous post, I talked about William and I playing Barbie: Queen of the Prom. Thereʼs a Simpsons episode where they all go to a beach house and theyʼre playing this board game. And Milhouse draws a boyfriend card, and Homer says, “Ha ha! He looks like you, Poindexter.” Thatʼs a subtle but brilliant allusion to Barbie: Queen of the Prom! Another example of how well researched and written the Simpsons is.
  15. I hate melons. Iʼve tried them again and again, and they always make me gag. Especially cantaloupe. And I still feel bad about the time I told my sister to eat her melons, and they were bad, and I didnʼt know it, but she ate them anyway, and she was sick. Poor baby.
  16. If I could find a way to go teach English in Europe somewhere, I would totally do it. The only problem is that they already speak English over there, so not much chance of that happening.
  17. I thought that John McCain was completely nuts for picking Sarah Palin as his VP. Seriously, did he think that undecided women voters are that dumb that they would vote for him just because he put a woman on the ticket? He shouldʼve picked Oprah, if he wanted a chance with the ladies.
  18. The first time I drove my mom anywhere, I almost ran into the sign at the front of our subdivision going around a corner. She still holds onto the door when she rides with me, 15 years later.
  19. The New York Times is my newspaper of choice. It often makes me mad, but the writing is better than anything else I can get, so I read it.
  20. I am running out of things to say. Iʼm pretty boring.
  21. I wear a size 9.5 shoe. I never had a roommate with feet my size, so I never could share shoes with them even though their shoes were usually cuter than mine.
  22. We always sit at the front in church so I can hear better and so that I donʼt spend the whole time looking at what other people are wearing.
  23. Iʼve never gotten a speeding ticket or a parking ticket.
  24. One time at BYU, I saw this guy in my ward walking up a hill really slowly and blocking the sidewalk. So, I went up behind him and said, “Sheesh, why are you walking so slow?” in a kind of joking way. And the guy turned around and it totally wasnʼt the guy in my ward, so I just had to play it cool, kind of like, “Yeah, thatʼs right, Iʼm talking to you. Outta my way, slowpoke.” So embarrassing!
  25. Iʼve been to London four times and still havenʼt had my fill. Iʼve been to Paris twice and am satisfied that Iʼve seen it all. On my (our?) next trip to Europe, Iʼd like to see Scandinavia. I have a high school friend in Norway. Perfect excuse to go, right?

And Iʼm not going to tag anyone because most of you do a pretty good job of updating your blogs anyway. Ooh, except maybe I tag William because he doesnʼt blog enough these days, and he always has interesting things to say.