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Be my Valentine?

by Rebecca on 2009-02-16

Valentineʼs Day has been one of those obligatory holidays for me. I think itʼs great that thereʼs a day to celebrate love, but I promise you that I donʼt need a fluffy white teddy bear and a heart-shaped box of chocolates to celebrate it. Plus, I would feel too guilty about how much fat and sugar was in the chocolates, so Iʼd probably eat one every two weeks and then theyʼd go bad and whoever gave them to me would think that I didnʼt really love them after all. I mean, I donʼt want to get fat just because someone loves me. Sheesh. So, a nice card and maybe a nice home-cooked meal will do it for me. Just enough to say, “Hey, America, we celebrated Valentineʼs Day like everyone else, but we didnʼt spend $250 on it. Take that.”

That said, I think Valentineʼs Day is a great opportunity to bust out the Creativity. I really wanted to decorate sugar cookies for Christmas, but that totally didnʼt happen. So, the next obvious holiday that provided an excuse to decorate cookies was Valentineʼs Day. On Wednesday night, I invited two friends over for a cookie-decorating blitz. My friend Cassandra is a super cute artist who is in the middle of a cake decorating class, so she brought her frosting tips. My friend Erin brought frosting, and I provided the sugar cookies. (By the way, that cookie recipe doesnʼt require chilling the dough before rolling it out. Yay, because who wants to wait at least one more hour for a cookie?) We had a good time, and by the end of the night, hereʼs what we ended up with.

On Saturday, William and I made Valentines. Target has these kits for $5 that come with everything: blank cards, bows, rhinestones (so classy), stickers, and glittery stick on decorations. Itʼs really easy because all you have to do is glue the decorations onto the cards. We busted out the hot glue gun and went to work. I think I had more fun than William did because he seemed a little frustrated with the glue gun. But William made the best card. It was a smiley face done entirely in rhinestones, with the pink heart rhinestones for eyes. I couldnʼt stop laughing at it. (Sorry, no pictures here. But trust me, it was really, really funny.)

Now, about that fancy home-cooked dinner …