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Catching Up

by Rebecca on 2009-02-25

For all of you who faithfully and at some inconvenience sign into Blogger regularly to read our blog, because weʼre too paranoid to just open it up for the whole world to see, my apologies for the lack of interesting posts. But here are some things that I think are interesting.

First, last week, William and I were talking about how much I like food blogs and how fun it would be for me to have one. I like trying new recipes, and I like sharing the ones that are tasty. But I quickly realized that it would probably be too much work for me, at least at this point in my life. And I donʼt have a fancy camera that would take awesome pictures that make all of my dishes look supremely appetizing. But someday, right?

Anyway, imagine my surprise when a few nights ago, William said to me shyly, “Can I show you what Iʼve been working on?” And he pulled up this. Looky, looky, he started a food blog for me! Now, thatʼs an interesting take: I do the cooking, and William writes about how good (or bad, I guess, as if that ever happens) the dish was. Most blogs just say, “My DH loved this,” or “Trust me, this is good.” But none that Iʼve seen tell the story from the husbandʼs point of view. A food blog, without any extra work on my part. How cool is that?

Second, we are in the process of looking for and buying a house. Doesnʼt that sound grown up? We think we found the house for us on Monday night, and we put an offer on it last night. Now weʼre just waiting to see what comes of that. If all goes well, Iʼll put pictures up here. Weʼll be in northwest Austin, still in our ward and close to several good friends of ours. Weʼre pretty excited about having a nice big place of our own, even if half of the rooms will be completely empty for the first few years that we live there. (Because we do not have 2000 sq ft worth of stuff in our little 1000 sq ft apartment. Thank heavens for that. I hate junky living spaces. But still, makes for an empty-ish house.)

Third, Iʼm home sick today. Nothing awful, but possibly contagious, and certainly not worth sitting through 8 hours of work for. And I plan to spend the day cleaning out my closet and reading books. Somehow, cleaning out my closet is so, so therapeutic. I might even wean out a few pairs of shoes. I know, right? I must be really sick.

Fourth, we have been blessed with extremely good weather this month. In February! Itʼs felt positively spring like, and that makes me happy. Not very interesting, I know, but I just wanted to share that happy thought.