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Primary Statistics

by Rebecca on 2009-03-08

Iʼd like to post a few statistics from my Primary class today.

  • Number of children in class: 7
  • Number of teachers: 2
  • Parents who had to be called in because their kid was so unruly: 1
  • Number of kids who ran around the Primary room during Sharing Time: 2
  • Members of the Primary presidency who restrained at least one of the kids: 3
  • Other teachers who restrained at least one of the kids: 3
  • Number of times that I had to pick up a kid: 10
  • Body parts that I had to grab to keep a kid still: arms, legs, foot, waist (I thought about ear, but it never actually came to that)
  • Number of times I changed seats to keep a closer eye on someone: about 100
  • Articles of clothing removed by kids in my class: 4
  • Number of times one of the boys tried to pull off a little girlʼs necklace: 5
  • Number of times she hit him back: 3
  • Number of toys that had to be hidden: 2
  • Number of attempts to open a door and flee: 20 (by the children, though donʼt think that the thought didnʼt cross my mind, too)
  • Attempts to play with the microphone in the Primary room: 4
  • Trips to the bathroom: 2
  • Number of times I looked at my watch to see if it was time to go home: 37
  • Number of injuries: 2 (a head bump and a busted lip that drew blood)
  • Number of times I got tickled: 4
  • Number of times one of my girls tried to pull off my nose: 3
  • Number of times I almost cried: 3
  • Number of times I actually cried: 1
  • Kids that cried: 2
  • Text messages sent to William asking for another set of hands: 1
  • Number of responses: 0
  • Important gospel principles learned: probably 0
  • Total time: 120 minutes

Yes, my class was so astonishingly and shockingly bad today that the Primary presidency is having a meeting this week to talk about what to do with them. Next week, Iʼm packing a stun gun …