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A conversation between me and you

by Rebecca on 2009-03-30

For all of you who donʼt live close enough to us for me to talk to you in person, hereʼs a conversation that we should have.

You: Hey, Rebecca! I havenʼt seen you in so long! How the heck are you?

Me: Oh, Iʼm doing great, as usual. How are you?

You: Great! So, whatʼs new?

Me: Well, Iʼm having a baby in August.

You: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THATʼS SO EXCITING! I didnʼt know you were pregnant! Youʼre not showing at all! Are you so excited?

Me: Yes (note: how else would you expect me to answer that?)

You: YAY! Is William so excited?

Me: Yes! Even more so than me!

You: When are you due?

Me: August 4.

You: Oh, you poor thing. Iʼm so sorry about that. Youʼre going to be so, so hot and uncomfortable, especially in this summer heat.

Me: Well, I suppose. Thank you. (thinking, “Isnʼt that what air conditioning and swimming pools are for?”)

You: How have you been feeling?

Me: Totally fine. No problems at all.

You: Are you serious? I/my mom/my sister/my friend was so sick and gained 10/15/30/50 pounds during her first trimester even though she couldnʼt eat anything and then my/her back started aching and didnʼt stop until after the baby was born. And girl, donʼt expect all that baby flab to come off easily!

Me: I guess Iʼm pretty lucky that way. I take after my mom, fortunately.

You: So, youʼre really feeling OK? Not even a teeny bit of morning sickness?

Me: Nope. Uh, sorry? (note: by this point, Iʼm starting to wish that I had something more interesting to say. Turns out pregnancy is kind of boring.)

You: So, when do you find out what youʼre having? Or do you know already? Let me take a look at your stomach and predict what youʼre having. A boy?

Me: No, we found out on Wednesday that weʼre actually having a girl.

You: Aw, thatʼs so great! Girls are so much easier than boys! Can I buy you something pink?

Me: I guess. But I still like boys. My nephews are all great fun. Hmm, no pink just yet. Weʼre moving into a house soon, so Iʼm trying not to buy a bunch of stuff that weʼll have to move.

You: (ignoring the exciting part about how weʼre buying a house at the end of April) But little girls look so cute in pink. Iʼll find you something pink, donʼt worry.

Me: Thank you! Canʼt wait to see it.

You: And youʼre feeling OK? All the morning sickness has passed?

Me: Still feeling OK. Havenʼt had morning sickness, weird cravings, food aversions, aches and pains, violent mood swings (though William may disagree with that), etc. Itʼs all good.

You: Youʼre so lucky. So, do you have any pictures of her?

Me: Yes, look here:

You: Wow, that 3-D picture is amazing! I didnʼt know they could do that these days. Ooh, that other picture of her face is kind of freaky.

Me: I know. Ultrasounds arenʼt terribly precise, I guess.

You: So, have you picked out any names?

Me: Not really, though my friend lent me two books about baby names. Who needs 50,000 baby names, when you can have one?

You: Ha ha! (note: itʼs about time you laughed at one of my jokes)

Me: Here are my rules for baby names. 1. You must be able to tell that itʼs a girl from her name. 2. You must be able to pronounce her name when you see it written out. 3. It cannot be deliberately misspelled. For example, no changing a Y at the end to an I just to be cute.

You: Yeah, I hate weird names, too. Well, Iʼm so excited for you! Keep me posted!

Me: Will do. Talk to you later. Thanks for letting me share my happy news!